Linical – Pharma Resourciong Solutions (PRS): Maximizing Flexibility

Resource outsourcing strategies in clinical development are a response to the need for more flexibility in terms of resources and their loyalty in medical and clinical operations departments. Through these solutions, sponsors can have specialised resources to allocate to their projects regardless of internal or corporate constraints (headcount limitations or complex approval processes, among others), under flexible time and cost conditions and with the maximum level of adaptation to the specific needs of the project.

In the current pandemic context, these work models are even more relevant because, although flexibility has always been their greatest added value, nowadays it has become one of the main drivers of the industry for both sponsors, who see opportunities in the very high delocalisation of resources, and candidates, who consider flexibility as one of the most important (if not the most important) factor in their career decisions.

Key Aspects to Maximise Resourcing Strategies

As a starting point, the most important thing is to be aware of the relevance of the human component in these business models, since in each project the professionals (client and candidates) have their own concerns and perspectives for professional development, and it is necessary to manage these in an optimal way. That said, there are 3 essential aspects for success in resourcing solutions:

  1. To have a solid, experienced and specialised recruitment team that proactively identifies and contacts key profiles and works not only focused of competencies but also on soft skills to ensure success for each project, providing candidates who are not only suitably qualified for the position required by the client, but who culturally and personally fit in with the companies and teams they are going to support.
  2. Line Management. The Line Manager plays a critical role as he/she is the link between employee and client and once the project starts, he/she must carry out operational monitoring both at the level of the resource (to ensure that the workload, its focus and integration into the teams are in line with expectations) as well as with the client, guaranteeing satisfaction of both parties.
  3. Follow-up of the client at top management level to check the satisfaction with the overall service and to build a medium-term working relationship that allows for optimal management of future needs that the client may have.

Linical – Pharma Resourcing Solutions (PRS)

Linical PRS was created in 2017 as a strategic business unit for Europe in response to a growing need in the market. It currently has a geographical scope that covers the whole of Europe with the mid-term goal of globalising the service.

Lincal PRS works under a Service Continuity Model that implies constant proactivity in recruitment activities (search, identification and contact with profiles of interest at all times), Line Managament (communication with the client and resources at the level of the operational details of each project) and client follow-up (permanent dialogue with top management) with the objective of maintaining constant client and employee satisfaction.

Linical PRS has successfully managed a multitude of projects for different company profiles, both under the FSP model and at the level of ad hoc resource implementation. The unit’s achievements include the ability to maintain long-term relationships with its clients and a continuity model in which more than 90% of the resources that have been part of the team are still linked to client projects today.

Linical PRS continues to grow with objectives focused on optimising the current service, developing new lines of business, reaching more customers, and collaborating with the rest of Linical’s hubs (especially with the United States) to globalise the service, while continuing to promote and encourage employee loyalty as the undisputed and true value of the service.

Note on the author

Carlos Fernandez is Vice President of Pharma Resourcing Solutions at Linical. He began his career in 1995 in various positions linked to clinical research and business development. He has more than 15 years of experience as head of personnel outsourcing units at European and global level.