Growth Strategy

At Linical, aiming for realizing sustainable growth, we strive to deliver innovative solutions for even the most complex industry challenges.

Linical will be the CRO of choice among the global, mid-sized CRO market. We will achieve this by continuing to expand our current geographical reach into additional parts of the world.

This international design enables us to thoughtfully partner with our clients anywhere their clinical development endeavors take them. While strategically growing our business, we are committed to supporting clients with a shared goal of bringing promising new therapies to patients all over the world.

Market trend - As the global pharmaceutical market continues to expand, led by Europe and the US, the CRO market is also expected to grow.

In order to maximize investment efficiency in the development of new drugs, pharmaceutical companies utilize global clinical trials and aim for early and simultaneous launch in major market countries. Biopharmaceutical companies have emerged as the leading players in drug discovery, as treatment methods have become increasingly diverse, ranging from small molecule drugs to antibody drugs, nucleic acid drugs, and gene and cell therapies. A growing number of startups are also developing new therapies using devices and apps.

To address the customers’ needs, we continue to expand our current geographical reach in Asian countries as well as in the US and Europe.

 In addition, our Innovative Drug Development Business provides biopharma companies consulting service from the drug discovery stage, including support of regulatory affairs and drug development strategies. Linical can consistently support the life-cycle management of drugs from the drug discovery stage through clinical development and post-marketing. We aim to differentiate ourselves from major global CROs that already have large customers and limited resources. 

To be the “strongest” CRO

We are aiming to be the strongest CRO, not the biggest. To be the strongest CRO, we need to be knowledge-intensive rather than labor-intensive, and to achieve the highest profitability in the industry. To realize this, each team member will aim to outperform the competition in terms of revenue per person.

Aiming for further growth in the future, we have set out "to become the global-leading CRO born in Japan and a strategic partner for our global clients” in our medium-term vision and are working on the following key strategic areas.

Business Focus

Business Focus

Client Focus

Client Focus

  • Long-term, strategic partnerships with a wide range of clients from major pharmaceutical companies to promising biotech companies in the US and Europe
  • Commit to the quality of clinical data based on a good relationship with medical sites, and provide solutions with speed and flexibility in pursuit of client satisfaction

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

  • Covering a wide range of countries and regions with the focus on major markets (US, EU, and APAC)
  • Strategically expand the service area to include the southern hemisphere and enhance our global presence by establishing a structure that enables the rapid collection of data on all diseases

Key financial Indicators

Our group uses Operating Profit Margin and Earnings Per Share (EPS) as a management indicator to achieve sustainable growth in our corporate value.

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