Therapeutic Expertise

As a biopharmaceutical company, you strive to make a difference in the world through innovative, safe, and effective medicines. Your clinical innovations are essential for advancing the future of healthcare. No matter how complex or challenging, with Linical you always get the “A Team,” with deep experience matching your specific therapeutic area.

Linical's strong therapeutic experience means you get skilled oversight and program management throughout the entire clinical development lifecycle — IND submission to NDA approval. 

Our seasoned professionals have relevant scientific, therapeutic, and operational expertise and will work with you throughout all stages of the trial lifecycle to ensure delivery of consistent, high-quality results.

Linical provides a high-touch approach, with skilled clinical research professionals across many disciplines. We’re committed to understanding your clinical trial’s unique needs, and we provide the attention-to-detail and clinical knowledge to projects of every size. Linical adds value every step of the way, and our strong, therapeutically aligned project teams work as your dedicated partner, with a shared goal of bringing your promising therapies to market to improve the lives of patients across the globe.

Our therapies

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Linical is a leading oncology CRO committed to ensuring a smooth journey in the development of your compound. We optimize the timeline, conduct, budget, and quality of your oncology clinical study to maximize success.
Solid Tumors
Liquid Tumors
Immunotherapies & Rare Cancer
Early Phase Oncology

“We love working with Linical across our development programs. They have been a true partner that collaborates effectively with our team and aligns with our goals.”

Chief Medical Officer

Mid-sized biopharmaceutical company
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Immunology & Vaccine

As a result of developing vast and deep operational expertise in conducting immunology and vaccine trials, we understand the unique challenges associated with these studies and take your objectives to heart.
Therapeutic & Prophylactic Vaccines
Outbreaks & Epidemics
Respiratory & Pulmonary Disorders
Allergic Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders

“Dear Linical Team - Let me extend the gratitude of the entire project team for helping us achieve this key milestone for our trial. We could not have made these almost impossible timelines without your continued support and hard work. THANK YOU!”

Associate Global Trial Director

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Neurology & Psychiatry

Linical has a strong legacy in central nervous system diseases and disorders, adding value to clients’ neurology and psychiatry clinical trials.
Cognitive Disorders
Neurological Disorders
Movement Disorders
Neuromuscular Disorders
Mood Disorders

“Thank you sincerely for everything you have done for study start-up, and all your hard work, dedication, and creativity. Your team is very talented. We all have really enjoyed working closely with you.”

Vice President, Head

Clinical Operations, mid-sized biopharmaceutical company
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Endocrinology & Metabolic

Our strong knowledge of both rare and common endocrine and metabolic disorders help your trial on the path to success.

Thyroid Disorders
Reproductive Disorders
Inherited Disorders

“Excellent work by all to really manage enrollment closely!!!! This has not been an easy study, so thank you all! And whatever you guys did with your delivery of the data on the project, annotations, etc. - it sailed through FDA. We never had that with any other CRO.”

Executive Director, Clinical Operations

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Successful clinical trials start with Linical.

Don’t let the complex clinical development journey hold you back. With Linical, you can overcome obstacles, save valuable time and money, and reach your goals. 

01 Request a proposal

We start by listening to your needs and understanding your goals to ensure we’re the right CRO for you.

02 Get a plan for success

We propose solutions that proactively tackle obstacles, optimize your trial design, and position you for success every step of the way.

03 Execute with confidence

We’ll guide you through each phase of the process, offering personalized support and a full range of services to help you achieve a successful trial. We are not a “one size fits all” CRO.

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