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We are more than just a job…

We are able to go home everyday knowing we’ve impacted lives on a global scale… that is pretty amazing.

Linical is a mid- sized CRO and as such, we pride ourselves in creating a warm and supportive environment for all our employees. Unlike larger corporations that fixate on metrics, speed, and high volume, Linical’s has always striven for quality over quantity.Our team members all share a passion for improving human life through clinical research.

We believe that our employees are key contributors to our success and we encourage them to share their ideas so we can all grow together.

At Linical, you are not another number! We welcome ideas from across the company and recognize everyone for their great work and achievements.

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Integrity & Honesty

At Linical, integrity and honesty are at the core of everything we do. We believe in transparent communication, ethically sound business practices, and performing to the highest quality standards for all stakeholders.

Unending Enthusiasm

Our Linical team is passionate about clinical research. We have a can-do mindset, often thinking outside the box to problem-solve. Our employees bring a positive mindset to work, and are always looking to improve how we operate, ultimately benefiting the clients and the patients we serve.

Continuing Spirit of Inquiry

Linical team members are curious and share a love of learning, always seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills. Additionally, our colleagues are creative, and strive to ask questions, propose innovative solutions, and overcome even the most complex challenges.

Linical has ~1000 employees &

covers 30+ countries

We have the local expertise and global bandwidth needed to support you, wherever in the world your clinical development needs take you.

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
South Korea

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Director Business Development (French speaking)

Business Development
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Budapest, London, Madrid, Prague , Timisoara, Warsaw , Fully Remote

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Study Coordinator (Full time) Hospital in Santander

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Benefits & Perks

We strive to provide our employees and their families with best-in-class benefits and rewards that are thoughtfully designed to enhance overall health and well-being. Our employees enjoy:

Flexible Work Schedules
Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
Generous Paid Vacation
Paid Holidays
Paid Sick Days
Life Insurance
Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
401K and Retirement Plans
Employee Bonus Program
Tuition Reimbursement
Training, Career Growth and Development

What We Stand For

Creating a Healthier World

Linical employees are passionate about the wellbeing of patients and ensuring new treatments are safe and effective for all. We are committed to the improvement of human life through clinical research. Every day, we seek to raise the bar for our employees and our clients.

Creating a Healthier World

For many of our team members, clinical research is personal. The diseases we are developing therapies for may have affected a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, or best friend. Reality is, our loved ones are the patients. Our mission is to unite our world-class expertise to advance innovative treatments through clinical research.

Diversity & Inclusion

Employees at Linical come from different backgrounds and cultures, with a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and talents. We believe that increased diversity is vital to our continued success, and it is these skills and talents that are needed to lead, develop, and grow our business.

Diversity & Inclusion

This also makes Linical a more agile company, attuned to the needs of our clients. We recognize that by understanding and leveraging diversity, we will strengthen our ability to work together as one team enabling us to connect more effectively with our clients.

Career Development

We know our people set us apart, so investing in career development is one of our key priorities. We provide employees with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed professionally, both for today and in the future. We are passionate about preparing you for a successful career in clinical research.

Career Development

Linical offers structured clinical research academy training programs, soft-skills training, seminars, and tuition reimbursement for formal education programs. In addition, wherever possible, we promote our people from within, so all our open positions are posted inside and outside Linical, with many of our CRO job opportunities being filled internally.

Work-life Balance

We recognize the growing demands on our employees who have both professional and personal responsibilities. Clinical trial jobs at many organizations are grueling, but at Linical, we aim to be different. We are always open to investigating new and better ways to manage people, time, and workload effectively.

Work-life Balance

We offer flexible work arrangements to meet the needs of our employees. Our flexible working opportunities cover a variety of working patterns, including generous paid time off, remote/home-based positions, part-time working arrangements, and consulting opportunities. Our approach is to support flexible working arrangements whenever possible while balancing business priorities.

The Patient Journey

The Linical team shares a goal of improving the patient journey throughout clinical research. We are keenly aware of the challenges patients face and are committed to providing innovative solutions that put patients first.

The Patient Journey

We partner with our clients, physicians, and industry partners to improve all aspects of the patient experience, from study design to enrollment and even long term follow-up. Patient-centricity is always front of mind at Linical.

A Passion for Science

Linical employees are passionate about science and what it means for the future of healthcare. We share a common interest in advancing medical research and an enthusiasm for exploring new and innovative technologies.

A Passion for Science

The field of drug development is rapidly changing, and Linical’s team members enjoy being a part of the transformation. From complex study designs to cell and gene therapy, we are committed to forward-thinking and helping pioneer clinical research.


Not all clinical research jobs are created equal. At Linical, we care deeply about employee health and wellness, financial well-being, work-life balance, professional development, and career growth.

Above all else, we are committed to the improvement of human life through clinical research. Every day, we seek to raise the bar for our employees and our clients. We accomplish this by:

  • Being an employer of choice that cares deeply about our employee’s well-being and work-life balance.
  • Hiring and retaining our industry’s top talent, providing a challenging, rewarding working environment for long-term careers in clinical research.
  • Encouraging innovation, creativity, continuous learning, career growth, and career development for all our highly valued employees.

Our mission is to unite our world-class expertise to advance innovative treatments through clinical research.

“Since coming to Linical, I feel as though I have found my workplace utopia! It is so fulfilling to work in an environment with people who are truly committed to improving the lives of people through our dedication to performing top quality research”

Senior Project Manager

Right Size
Right Reach
Right Team

Employee highlights


Jeannine Cornell


Masayuki Takahashi


Anthony West


Chie Ueda


Jeannine Cornell, Senior Project Manager

Fulfilling and Meaningful Work

After spending over thirty years in the research industry, I have learned how important it is to work for a company that values its employees and has a strong culture. Since coming to Linical, I feel as though I have found my workplace utopia! It is so fulfilling to work in an environment with people who are truly committed to improving the lives of people through our dedication to performing top quality research.

Global Collaboration

The support and guidance I have received from my peers and leadership have allowed me to expand my skills rather than stagnating and becoming bored with what I am doing. I love that I get to work on a global platform, not only within our own company structure, but on global trials which has continued to support my growth and development. My favorite thing about working at Linical is the people. Everyone is so supportive and there for you at a moment’s notice if you have a question or need support. I also feel so valued for what I do, not only from leadership but from my peers.”


Masayuki Takahashi, Global Project Manager

A Passion for Helping Patients

I am passionate about my work and how I can play a small part in helping advance treatments that improve patients’ lives. This is the most fundamental reason for my work and what gives me purpose. I’m also so proud of all the hard work we’ve done here at Linical and how successful we’ve been so far! We’ve obtained so many new drug approvals.

Opportunities Across the Globe

I joined the company back in 2008, when Linical was still a small company but aiming to grow across different markets. I had never imagined that I would work together with overseas colleagues one day and have the amazing opportunity to see Linical expand globally!I love how we’re able to work and live in other countries, so you can learn from how things are done across different locations and cultures. During my 14 years’ at Linical, I’ve worked at Linical Spain for 2 years and also lived in China for 6 months, working on Linical China projects. Linical colleagues are always fantastic, no matter where I go. We’re like one big family! I look forward to continuing my journey at Linical for many years to come!


Anthony West, Associate Project Director

Career Growth and Advancement

I have learned everything I know about research from my 15 years here. In my time at Linical I have progressed from a Research Assistant at a site to my current role as Associate Project Director. There has been ample opportunity to learn and grow, with the accompanying opportunities for advancement along my career path.

Team Mentality

My favorite part about working at Linical is that we are a team first and foremost. If I need to pick the brain of a Project Manager or the Chief Operating Officer or the Chief Executive Officer, everyone is always willing to collaborate to find solutions to challenges.


Chie Ueda

Helping Patients is My Calling

When I started my job search, I vaguely thought that pharmaceutical sales would be good for me simply because I studied pharmacy at college and wanted to work with a lot of people. However, after an internship at a hospital, I met patients who did not respond to drugs or suffered from side effects of drugs, and I became interested in the clinical development of bringing new drugs into the world, instead of popularizing existing drugs.

I became acquainted with the CRO industry and learned that clinical researchers not only help develop drugs, but also have a lot of work in the field and a lot of opportunities to meet people, so I was convinced that clinical research was a better fit for me. I enjoy being involved in advancing treatments for a variety of diseases.

Rewarding Career Path

The reason why I chose Linical among other CROs was that Linical contributes to society, developing drugs specifically for unmet medical needs. Also, since joining Linical, I have felt it is easier than I imagined to talk to seniors, bosses, and executives. At Linical, both supervisors and executives, regardless of their position, are polite and helpful when I have questions about work.

In addition, I knew the training system was good, but I didn't expect the company to provide this much learning opportunity. In Linical, you can tackle highly specialized diseases such as cancer, and you will be rewarded if you perform well. Now I am working on not only clinical development in the field but also team management as the leader of the team, and I hope to continue to develop my career.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

We are committed to maintaining a work environment free from discrimination; one where employees are treated equally, with dignity and respect. All employees share in the responsibility of fulfilling Linical's commitment to equal employment opportunity. To that end, we do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of gender, color, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status. We also comply with all applicable national and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity.