Linical is a global Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing a full spectrum of drug development services from early stage to large-scale, multinational studies.

Linical is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Linical is developing its CRO business, which supports clinical trials conducted as part of the pharmaceutical product development process, as well as our Contract Medical Affairs Business, which supports post-marketing surveys and clinical research.

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Learn more about Linical’s Sustainability Initiatives

Our Focus

Linical has identified sustainability issues most relevant to our business and stakeholders. By continuously addressing the material issues, we aim to achieve a sustainable society and enhance our corporate value. 

Corporate Governance

We will further enhance our corporate governance as a global company with the aim of achieving continuous growth through global expansion and increasing corporate value over the short and long term.

ESG Data

Here are Linical's E (environmental), S (social), and G (governance) data.

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