The Advantages of Conducting Clinical Trials in Taiwan

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Taiwan has become as top destination for clinical trials in recent years, as it has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world and outstanding capabilities to meet the global demand for clinical trials.

With a population of more than 23 million and a universal healthcare system, Taiwan offers an optimal setting for conducting clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific region. As a leading CRO in Taiwan, Linical outlines some of the key advantages of conducting clinical trials in this region.

  1. Infrastructure and healthcare professionals: Taiwan has state of the art hospitals, medical centers, and universities. Furthermore, Taiwan is known for its expertise in technology and innovation, as well as large number of highly trained medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other specialists.
  2. Experience: Another advantage to conducting clinical research in Taiwan, is the county’s demonstrated ability to participate in multiregional clinical trials in top therapeutic areas and key indications. An experienced Taiwanese CRO, such as Linical, will have a track record of collaborations with international organizations and multinational pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Globally harmonized regulations: As an ICH regulatory member, Taiwan’s regulations on clinical research and ethics are focused on ensuring high research quality standards and patient protection. Moreover, the clinical trial approval process in Taiwan is generally fast and efficient, allowing studies to start more quickly compared to other countries.
  4. Demographics: Another benefit to working with a Taiwan CRO, such as Linical, is the ability to tap into robust patient pools. The access to participants is relatively easy in Taiwan compared to other countries due to a high population density. Also, Taiwan’s diverse population in terms of ethnicity and genetics can be beneficial for studies that require a broad representation of the population, helping achieve clinical trial diversity.
  5. Geography: Taiwan’s geographic location in East Asia is advantageous for many clients looking to strategically cover the Asia Pacific Region. The county’s location easily facilitates expansion of clinical trials throughout the region, especially in countries such as China, Japan and South Korea.
  6. Competitive costs: Labor and logistics costs are relatively low in Taiwan, compared to Western countries, which can result in significant savings for biopharmaceutical and research companies looking to reduce drug development costs.

Originally established in Japan, Linical is global Contract Research Organization (CRO) for full-service drug development with the experience, resources, and know-how to successfully conducting clinical trials in Taiwan.

Our team of local experts in Taiwan possess deep regulatory knowledge and excellent relationship with sites, KOLs and PIs, enabling us to provide guidance and the best solutions to avoid obstacles and ensure the success of your clinical studies in Taiwan.

Linical provides a full spectrum of drug development services from early stage to large-scale, multinational studies. Our areas of focus include Phase I-IV studies in oncology, neurology & psychiatry, immunology & vaccine, and endocrinology & metabolic diseases.

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