Linical Q&A – PRS Line Management: ensuring satisfaction for clients and employees

Resource outsourcing strategies provide multiple benefits for medical and clinical operations departments as these solutions imply flexible time and cost conditions and maximum level of adaptation. Nevertheless, to ensure the success of these programs it is essential to have the support of a specialized recruitment team, a consistent Line Management activity and proper follow up at a top management level.

Line Manager must act as the link between employee and client and providing constant operational monitoring to ensure the satisfaction of both parties, without which project success would not be possible. At Linical PRS, Line Management is one of our main focuses, keeping constant communication with client and resources on every detail of any given project.

In this Q&A, Alejandro López, Talent and Account Director at Linical PRS reviews the keys of Line Management as he looks back on first his two years at Linical.

  • It has recently been 2 years since you joined Linical, do you remember what attracted you to get onboard the PRS project?

A: It was the right role at the right time. Linical has a unique methodology and structure that allows employees to set sail for great enterprises. I find Linical’s size and positioning in the market to play both safe and ambitiously when facing new challenges. We have an inclusive and supportive environment and that´s the type of culture I was looking for my next career move.

  • How have these two years been going, could you share some experiences?

A: I have the critical role of taking care of a great team of professionals around Europe. As I always say, Line Management has no working pattern, you always need to be available for your people. I remember working closely with those who still needed to visit their sites whilst the worst part of the pandemic arrived. Taking care that everyone was safe, well informed, and comfortable working has been one of my priorities. I also love to see people developing on a personal level, been able to offer a supportive environment where our employees can grow their families and advance in their personal plans.

  • Why Line Management is so important for the success of resource outsourcing in the clinical development environment?

A: Pharmaceutical companies find many times difficulties on tailoring approach to their workforce. By having a dedicated line manager, we have a unique opportunity to offer immediate service to our employees, and a fast channel for our clients to know what needs to be improved, how to leverage soft/hard skills and to staple retention which is critical for project success and completion.

  • What would you say are the keys to maintaining a constant balance between client and employee satisfaction?

A: Communication is key here. Rather than leaving things to calendarized moments during the year (appraisals, mid-year reviews) by providing continuous service and keeping a close relationship with both, chances to achieve better outcomes for the company/projects increase drastically. In the era of information where the “one-click” fast paced culture requires people to be able to focus on their work, having a dedicated line management service guarantees action and reaction right on time avoiding unnecessary delays and further problems.

  • Among the challenges you have faced in this project, which one would you highlight as the toughest but most rewarding?

A: Right after joining, Europe went into lock down because of the pandemic. It was a difficult time for everyone on a professional and personal level. Changing jobs during those uncertain times, retaining talent whilst people was really concerned about their future and companies not sure on what will happen with projects was an enormous challenge. However, it has always been about people, I kept a narrow relationship with our workforce, clients and cross functional teams with the great outcome of, after two years, doubling in size and projects.

  • What are your short- and mid-term objectives?

A: Now that we can consider PRS a solid brand and value in Europe. Our plans are to expand the business unit to other regions, also we have good feedback from clients and employees, so we expect to continue consolidating our relationship with all of them creating a nice and supportive outsourcing ecosystem. This is just the beginning of a great adventure!