Understanding the role of Non-Interventional Studies (NIS) in the generation of Real World Evidence: Efficient and quality delivery of NIS

With current market complexity and a shifting regulatory landscape, Real World Evidence (RWE) is playing an increasing role in healthcare decisions and becoming essential to evaluate a drug’s long-term effectiveness and safety. Non-interventional studies (NIS) can be a suitable tool to generate RWE to support product life cycle development and improve decision making for all stakeholders, however, it is necessary to ensure data quality and adequate management of potential bias.

This webinar shares insight on key aspects to ensure the success of non-interventional studies. Throughout the session, our experts discuss on how to deliver NIS efficiently and with quality, paying special attention to one of the most important aspects in this regard: bias management. Additionally, the webinar offers the opportunity of learning about the RWE scenario in Japan with an overview of the regulatory framework and a review of several case studies.

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