Linical and The Kitasato Institute, COVID 19 trial

October 2020 Tokyo, Japan

Linical has recently started a collaboration with The Kitasato Institute (Tokyo, Japan) regarding an investigator-initiated clinical trial for a new indication of ivermectin against COVID-19. Linical will apply Risk-Based Monitoring in this clinical trial, collecting highly reliable data contributing to the rapid development of this new indication.

The Kitasato Institute, established by Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato in 1914, works under the mission of returning the accumulated wisdom of life science, which has been developed over a century since its establishment, to society.

Linical was established in June 2005 in Japan and ever since it has actively expanded its activities around the world, to become the first Japanese Headquartered Global CRO capable of delivering a one-stop service for large scale, global projects, covering all key markets in Asia-Pacific, Japan, Europe and North America.

Linical continues its commitment on COVID 19 research by also participating in Immunomed’s clinical trial with a new drug candidate VSF (virus suppressing factor) on COVID-19 patients in Korea.