Lincal understands the nuances of pediatric clinical trials, including overcoming patient recruitment challenges, managing regulatory requirements, and key logistical considerations for success.

Linical has the specialized expertise needed to lead you through the intricacies of pediatric clinical development.

Pediatric Clinical Trial Expertise

Since pediatric clinical research is focused on a specific and vulnerable patient population, biopharma companies face a unique set of challenges including rigorous requirements from regulatory and ethics committees, investigators, and parents. Additional obstacles include stringent inclusion/exclusion criteria, logistical and biostatistical challenges from small trial sizes, as well as patient enrollment and compliance hurdles. Successful study conduct hinges on choosing the right partner. Linical has the expertise needed to skillfully navigate all regulatory requirements, operational considerations, and recruitment/retention for pediatric studies across the globe.

Pediatric CRO Services

Linical’s medical, regulatory, and operational experts have decades of experience managing pediatric clinical trials, including complex and rare disease studies. We have worked on trials of all sizes, ranging from early phase, regional studies to large, global trials. We have strong relationships with investigator sites, key opinion leaders (KOLs), academic groups, and pediatric research networks to drive efficiency, expedite enrollment, and collect high-quality data, all while ensuring regulatory compliance. Linical is a full-service CRO, partnering with you from study design to close out, and we are dedicated to your goal of developing safe and effective medicines and vaccines for all children.

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Drug Development Strategy

Drug Development Strategy

Linical provides comprehensive solutions for drug development strategy, including regulatory affairs, protocol development and study design, medical writing, and quality assurance.Through assessing scientific, regulatory, and commercial considerations, Linical works in collaboration with clients to optimize your trial’s drug development strategy.

Clinical Trial Management

Clinical Trial Management

Linical’s comprehensive clinical trial management services are designed to help your program achieve high-quality data, on time and on budget. From study start up and feasibility, to project management, biometrics, and drug safety, Linical has the flexibility and experience you need.

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