Recruitment at PRS: finding the right talent for the right client in the right time

An experienced and specialised recruitment process is one of the key elements to ensure the success of resource outsourcing strategies. Proactively identify profiles by focusing not only on competencies but also on soft skills, is essential to provide the right candidates for each project.

At Linical Pharma Resourcing Solutions (PRS), our dedicated recruitment team is aware of the current challenges of the talent acquisition environment with an increasing competition and new needs and expectations from the candidates. In this scenario, our experts sit and discuss profoundly the best strategy to make sure we identify the right talents for every open opportunity we lay out, actively searching for candidates and reaching out to them through new channels.

Our recruitment culture focuses on understanding candidates on a deeper level to get into what really drives them and what keeps them motivated, this way we make sure candidates are not only suitably qualified for the position required by the client, but also fit in culturally and personally with the companies and teams they are going to support.  From Identifying a need or vacancy to fill in to launching and advertising the Job opening, screening, and interviewing candidates, we carefully pin down the right approach to every suitable candidate, making sure that there is a personal touch and a constant communication flow regarding the candidate’s interview process and client´s feedback.

As part of PRS’s Service Continuity Model, our proactive recruitment activity is accompanied by highly experienced line management as well as leadership oversight throughout the process, providing a top-quality service which combines years of experience, deep knowledge of CRO and Pharmaceutical Industry and detailed understanding of the market.

At Linical Pharma Resourcing Solutions we believe people are the real value of a company and invest in their performance and their professional satisfaction. With flexibility, a strong and continuous recruitment activity and qualified and highly experienced line management, Linical PRS truly fulfils our clients’ needs and expectations.

Hasmin Barizo, Talent Acquisition Specialist- Linical Europe

Pharma Resourcing Solutions