Jun Kawai


Executive Vice President (HQ)
Director & CEO, Linical Europe Holding GmbH

After graduating from Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Mr. Kawai completed a Master’s degree at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science of the same university. After joining the Research Division of Nihon Shearing K.K., he worked on pharmaceutical product development at Meditech International Co., Ltd., SmithKline Beecham Co., Ltd., and Shionogi & Co., Ltd. In December 2006, he joined Linical then has contributed to the company’s globalization effort when he served as Supervisory Director of the Asian Region since June 2016. Then, he became Director of US Business in December 2020. In May 2021, he became Director, President & CEO of Linical USA, Inc. Since Jan 2023 he has served as Director & CEO, Linical Europe Holding GmbH.