Focus on Oncology, CNS and Immunology

Many of the main trends in pharmaceutical product development in recent years have been concentrated in the areas of oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and immune system diseases. The founding members of Linical possessed a wealth of experience in immune system diseases, and ever since they started the company, a major part of the services they have provided have been in this notoriously difficult area. Over time, they then steadily and surely expanded their range of services. In Japan they branched into the specialist areas of CNS in 2006 and oncology in 2010. The result is that our current business is now focused on addressing “unmet medical needs” in oncology, CNS, and immune system diseases. Our business, built around these three main pillars, now boasts a strong track record featuring numerous success stories.
Linical’s subsidiaries in Europe and USA have also developed a strong record of successfully delivering services in the same areas of oncology, CNS, and immune system diseases. Thus, the entire Linical Group boasts exceptional expertise in these three very challenging areas of clinical research. Linical has also gained significant experience in the field of endocrinology (diabetes), ophthalmology and more recently in cystic fibrosis.