Company Overview

Linical is a global speciality CRO headquartered in Osaka, Japan, listed in the prime segment of the Tokyo Stock exchange, and dedicated to serve its clients as a true partner in development. With more than 900 employees Linical directly covers more than 20 countries and all key markets in Asia-Pacific, Japan, Europe and N. America via its own offices.

As a premium CRO and being recognized as the quality leader, we focus on the therapeutic areas oncology, immunology,  respiratory and allergy, endocrinology, GI and CNS based on experience and expertise.

About Us

Our Mission

To become a think tank specializing in clinical trials (the CRO that provides know-how)

Origin of the Linical Logo

Blue: Integrity and Honesty
Red: Unending enthusiasm
Yellow: Continuing spirit of inquiry

Our corporate logo expresses our passion to pursue happiness of patients through our business activities.