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Curious to know why Linical is a great place to work?

Today’s workforce is undergoing a revolution, and employees have higher expectations than ever before. We want our time to be spent on something meaningful in the workplace. When we find a place that mirrors our values, we are proud and happy to share it. I recently celebrated my five-year anniversary with Linical and wanted to take a moment to reflect on my time here and what I have enjoyed about this organization.

  1. Meaningful Culture

    Without a doubt, one of the most important parts of any career is feeling that what you do MATTERS. We all strive to work in a setting where our work is meaningful and has a positive impact on the world. However not everyone is so fortunate to work someplace where they can actually make that vision a reality.
    At Linical, the clinical trials we are a part of really do matter, and that sentiment is such an important part of the company culture. The united goal of advancing life changing therapies is a tie that binds us all together.

    We recently conducted an Employee Engagement Survey, and 100% of employees responded that they find their work meaningful. “The work we do is extremely rewarding and meaningful. The studies we conduct in oncology, vaccines, and CNS make such a different in patients’ lives around the world,” stated a Global Project Manager.

  2. Life-Work Balance

    Arguably one of the most important motivators for employees is achieving life-work balance. Especially in the clinical research industry, the burnout rate is staggering. Clinical research associates, project managers, and data managers, to name a few, are often forced to juggle too many projects with demanding deadlines and insane travel schedules.

    One great aspect of Linical is the organization’s commitment to achieving balance. Linical is conscious of the number of projects managed by clinical project team members, allowing team members to give their best effort on each project, which in turn benefits employees and clients alike. Additionally, Linical offers valuable perks including half-day Fridays and unlimited PTO to allow employees to recharge and spend time enjoying their life outside of work. As a result, 91% of employees reported Linical’s environment at work helps strike the right balance between work and personal life.

  3. Embracing People and Technology

    Our world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to improve performance, efficiency, etc. Technology has certainly revolutionized the clinical trial industry for the better, and digital medicine, decentralized clinical trials (DCT), artificial intelligence (AI) all play an important role in making clinical research more accessible to patients.

    At the same time, we can’t lose sight of the role PEOPLE play. Linical’s team is full of great minds and innovative thinkers, committed to partnering with clients on their goal of developing promising treatments. Our team members embrace technology, while imparting the human touch. We proactively plan and come up with creative solutions that technology alone can’t solve. It is incredibly rewarding to work in an environment where people and technology can work together so seamlessly to achieve great results.

  4. Career and Skill Development

    Another benefit to working at Linical is our company size affords team members opportunities for collaboration as well as individual growth. As a global CRO, we’re big enough to allow for valuable learning and idea sharing with colleagues across the world. But we’re small enough to allow team members to wear several hats and work cross-functionally to increase skills in areas that interest them.

    As one of our Lead CRAs states, “I think because we are a smaller company, growth in the organization is easier than other CROs, which I love. Linical is great at promoting within and offering opportunities to move into different positions.”

    Linical even has a CRA Training Academy, and this program allows individuals a great avenue to enter the clinical research industry and gain valuable clinical research skills. Academy graduates are some of Linical’s most talented employees and appreciate the incredible amount of knowledge they gain in a short period of time.

  5. Flexibility and Mobility

    Linical is comprised largely of remote based team members, and Linical understands that trusting their employees and giving them flexibility in their way of work is key to success. Our internal tools and technology along with the power of the cloud give us the possibility to work and collaborate from anywhere—in the most secure way possible.

    Linical has offices around the world, fostering our mobility and allowing us to network with our global colleagues. Part of the Linical DNA is collaborating on best practices and learning from our team member’s wonderful cultures across the globe.

If these are the types of qualities you’re looking for in a company, join our team! Launch your career with Linical.


Alison Cundari
Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications - Linical

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