Processing concept


Linical envision technology as a powerful engine for promoting processes improvement, cost reduction and streamline timelines. We use a combination of proprietary applications and partnership with third-party providers to offer our clients technology solutions that meet our high quality standards and fit our clients’ needs.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

  • InForm TM
    Linical has a global agreement with Oracle®, a US market leader in EDC technology, for the Enterprise adoption of their EDC (InForm) Solution. All operational and build activities are conducted by our own experienced EDC personnel.


  • NetTrack (EDC)
    Linical has developed a web system system for capturing data electronically called NetTrack. NetTrack is taylored acording to the study requirements in order to meet our client’s needs, and providing the flexibility required for late phase studies.NetTrack counts with a very user friendly interface which allows us to use it in large trials, including GPs. The system can be rebranded using client or drug corporate image.NetTrack enables investigators to send and receive patient information over the Internet in a secure manner.  A unique and central study database is located on a dedicated secure server.The system is modular, designed according to a sponsor’s requirements.  Investigators enter patient data directly into the electronic CRF via the Investigator module; real time monitoring of data by CRAs is enabled through the Monitoring Module application while the Data Management Module is the interface created to allow query response entry.The NetTrack system has been used for 15 years in many different trials for large and medium pharmas and small biotechs with a very successful track record.


  • Paper based studies
    • Oracle Clintrial TM
  • Data Integration
    We have implemented an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool specially validated to be used in the clinical research environment, which enables us to integrate data from various sources within a clinical trial or between different trials.
  • Extranet servicesA Web-based client portal suite that allows sponsors, vendors, study site staff and study team to exchange documents, discussions and messages in a secure environment 24×7.