One stop on a global scale

In recent years, international competition in the development of pharmaceutical products has become increasingly heated. To enable new drugs to be rapidly approved and sold in multiple countries, multinational trials have become a widely used strategy in pharmaceutical product development. To adapt to such industry and market changes and address the needs of clients, Linical has set up its own international development system.
As the one and only Japan-Headquartered Global CRO (Contract Research Organization), Linical is equipped to deliver its services in the three major regions of the international pharmaceutical market — Asia (centered in Japan), EU, and USA. Linical is able to serve approximately 20 countries* directly, or a total of around 30 countries** if including services provided through partners.
Linical offers a one-stop set of comprehensive services, including both local trials and multinational trials. Our highly experienced professional staff can satisfy the needs of clients in a wide range of services, from the planning of pharmaceutical product development, to monitoring, data management, biostatistical analysis, medical writing, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance.

  • *: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK, etc.
  • **: China, Hong Kong, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Bulgaria, etc.”